Many applications require a custom battery pack to power them, but what are the advantages of this over a more conventional pack?

In many instances a conventional off-the-shelf battery pack is perfectly adequate and will perform as required. However, there are circumstances where a battery pack has to function in a very specific manner, conform to particular measurements or fulfil other highly precise requirements. In such instances a custom designed and built battery pack is often necessary.

The main advantage of a custom engineered battery pack is that it is designed and built to match the customer’s unique requirements. It may have to withstand extreme levels of temperature, shock or vibration; or it may have to fit into a space with very rigid dimensions. Whatever the requirement, often a custom engineered battery pack is the only solution.

Because the pack is tailored to operate in a precise way, safety and reliability can be improved. Conventional battery packs must be able to operate within a wide range of variables, all too often pushing their limitations to the maximum. This can impact reliability and if misused can also result in safety implications. However, a tailored battery pack is designed to operate within very strict limitations, which means that the operating variables are already known and factored into the design.

Of course, not all complex applications require a custom battery pack, and often a more conventional pack can be tailored to provide an element of custom ability.

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