Industrial OEM

Battery Packs For Industrial OEM Sector

Custom Power’s consultative approach to custom design ensures you get the right solution for your application.

Using our range of rechargeable and non-rechargeable chemistries, such as lithium, NiMh, lead acid, and more, our team of engineering experts can configure the best battery pack for your voltage, capacity, dimension, and temperature requirements.

Our range of value added solutions, like charging and battery management, deliver a complete solution for your critical device.

With over 30 years experience in the design of Lithium battery packs we have the experience and heritage to offer sound advice and professional battery solutions. Our cradle to grave philosophy means we will work with you at the design stage, through approvals and onto production, providing excellent support on issues such as transportation and disposal.

Our focus is designing solutions as unique as your requirements. With expertise in mechanical, electrical and design engineering, Custom Power ensures the right solution for your next mission critical device.

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