Custom Built Battery Packs

Custom. Engineered. Built. Tested.

We are one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of custom built battery packs with experience stretching back over 30 years.

Over this time we have developed a strong reputation for producing battery packs for use in some of the world’s most extreme environments, powering critical applications where failure isn’t an option.

Our battery packs power technology in the air, on land and sea, far under ground, and even at the very deepest reaches of the worlds oceans.

Our modern, UK based battery production facility covers 24,000 sq ft and employs over 70 staff. With dedicated battery pack design and custom engineering capabilities we are able to design and build battery packs of the utmost quality, perfectly suited to your application needs.

Whether you require a rechargeable or primary battery pack, our vast experience of differing battery technologies ensures that we are ideally positioned to help you identify the correct battery chemistry and configuration for your specific battery pack requirements.

We have continually invested in facilities & resources to maintain our position at the forefront of custom battery manufacturing. To ensure that our products are of the very highest quality we adopt the latest techniques and equipment, such as our Asterion wire bonder. When compared to traditional methods of interconnecting, wire bonding enables reduced assembly time and higher levels of reliability and safety. Additionally, as a result of lower resistance, wire bonding helps to prolong cell life and improve battery performance. You can see this in action in the video below.

Whether customising existing battery products or producing full custom designed battery packs, we have the total capability to support you. With Custom Power you can be confident of a professional, no compromise quality service, using the very latest battery technologies.

Cells being combined on a workbench

Battery Customisation

Whilst batteries come in all shapes and sizes, and a range of chemistries, you may often need a bespoke power solution tailored to meet a specific application need. This is where Custom Power excel’s.

We have in-depth skills in delivering battery solutions customised to your precise needs.

We supply custom batteries for a huge range of applications including:

· Oil and gas.

· Oceanographic and maritime environments.

· Autonomous vehicles and robotics.

· Medical, aerospace and complex instrumentation.

· Defence and security power systems and power packs.

Our bespoke battery systems and our batteries can be supplied with:

· MIL-STD and/or Industrial Connectors

· Power Conversion

· Custom Cabling

· Multi-battery configuration’s

· Custom Modules

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