Battery packs for utilities, energy and water industries

Custom Power manufactures custom and standard battery packs which are robustly built and rigorously tested to withstand the harsh environment and operating conditions posed by the utility sector. 


Sectors Covered


Water network management tools include water flow measurement, water measurement data logging, water pressure monitoring and leak detection. These all require reliable power sources with long battery life which will operate in extreme temperatures.

Custom Power provide a range of cell chemistries for bespoke custom battery pack solutions. See more about our batteries for flowmeters here.


Back-up power supplies are essential in the delivery of continuous and consistent telecommunications. Telecoms hubs can reach very high temperatures and power demands are usually instant and unpredictable.

Our experienced battery engineers can design power packs ready to support telecoms applications in remote and harsh locations. Read about our custom design services.

Batteries for Oil & Gas

Our battery experts are extremely experienced in designing and building battery packs for use in the oil and gas industry. Providing power for downhole monitoring and pipeline inspection (pigging), our battery packs are engineered for use in high temperature, high shock and high vibration applications where performance is critical. 

See more about our products designed specifically for the oil and gas sector.

Inspection UAVs

Carrying out inspection and maintenance on wind turbines, telegraph poles and nuclear installations has traditionally involved ropes, ladders and high levels of risk. Drones and robots are being widely introduced to simplify these tasks, and our engineers can advise on the best SWaP ratios and cell chemistries for autonomous vehicles of all sizes. View more about our battery solutions for UAVs and robots.

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