Battery Packs for the Medical Sector

Custom Power technology is precisely engineered for highly reliable operation. Quality and reliability is of paramount importance when used in critical applications where failure cannot be risked. Medical applications are a prime example of such applications.

Custom Power has been supplying battery packs and computing to the medical sector for many years. From precision surgical apparatus and tools to PAPR and mobile support systems, Custom Power provides the power and the computing to enable stress free operation at every level.


Products & Solutions

Ventilation / Respirator System

Custom Power modular battery packs are meticulously designed for reliable continuous daily usage in harsh environments where shock, vibration, and varying temperatures are likely to be experienced.

Powered Air-purifying Respirator (PAPR)

Our batteries are engineered with bespoke mechanical enclosures fit for respiratory protection in harsh and critical environments, and may be helmet integrated or body worn.

Defibrillator Unit

Defibrillator batteries provide the device with the power to deliver a shock to a Sudden Cardiac Arrest casualty. A working battery is essential for a successful rescue.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Backup power unit providing continuous power in the event of a major power failure, ensuring vital medical equipment and technology will continue to run for a certain length of time whilst the main source of power is restored.

Surgical Tools

Requiring high-rate power, Custom Power can produce high voltage, instant activation and exceptionally long shelf life battery packs for use in power hungry medical tools such as drilling and power tools.

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