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Custom Built Lithium Battery Packs

Custom Power is a specialist battery pack manufacturer and designer of custom built lithium battery packs for use in critical applications.

Our custom design and build services are backed up by comprehensive consultancy, engineering and support.

Vast experience in custom battery pack assembly means that we are particularly well placed to provide a reliable, cost efficient solution to your power requirements.

We supply a broad range of rechargeable and primary battery packs to multiple industry sectors such as; downhole batteries to the oil & gas industry, lithium-ion batteries to the marine & oceanographic sector, portable power systems for defence & security applications, and light weight options for autonomous & robotic functions.

We work with a range of battery chemistries including lithium-ion (Li-ion), lithium thionyl chloride (Li-SOCI2), and nickel metal hydride (NiMH). We also undertake extensive research and development into new battery technologies such as lithium sulfur (Li-S).

Our dedicated battery manufacturing facility is a centre of excellence for the development of premium battery products, where decades of experience combine with the latest manufacturing technology and techniques to produce packs that optimally match our customers specific battery pack requirements.

Safety is always our first priority and we take pride in ensuring that our packs are of the highest quality, using only cells from leading cell manufacturers such as Panasonic and Electrochem.

In addition, we have the necessary authorisation and expertise to safely transport lithium batteries to locations around the world.

As one of the UK’s leading custom battery pack manufacturers, our customers can be assured that their power requirements are not only met, but exceeded, enabling them to focus on their core business.

If you have a requirement for a specialist battery pack we can help, contact us today.

Our services

Battery Design


Completed battery packs are often as unique as the applications in which they will be used, and so the journey to achieving a perfectly suited pack begins with meticulous design. As battery pack specialists we understand how to design each pack to provide optimal results for our customers individual requirements.

Custom Battery Pack Build

Custom Build

Whether you require a rechargeable or primary battery pack, our vast experience of differing battery technologies ensures that we are ideally positioned to help you identify the correct battery chemistry and configuration for your specific battery pack requirements.

Battery Support


As a major supplier of battery packs, our service extends far beyond the sales process. We provide battery support throughout the life cycle of our products from initial design, through the custom build and testing process to distribution and transportation, and finally environmental disposal of depleted packs.

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