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Our batteries are powering demanding applications all around the world, in some of the most extreme environments.

From the ocean depths, to the edge of space, our battery packs are helping to make tomorrow’s technology a reality, much of which would not be possible without extensive battery research and development programmes such as ours.

Our battery research and development programme

At Custom Power, developing new technology is our passion. As such, we are committed to driving new technological innovation through our research and development programmes.

Our recent project to develop a pressure tolerant battery pack for Marine Autonomous Systems (MAS), using next-generation lithium-sulfur cell technology is an example of the cutting edge battery research and development that we undertake. Please take a look at the MAS project case study for more information on this programme.

As technology develops and equipment becomes smaller and more power hungry, the demands on battery systems are increasing rapidly. Miniturisation of technology requires increasingly compact battery packs to provide the power.

To satisfy these increasing energy demands battery packs are becoming more energy dense and as a result, the focus on battery safety is now greater than ever. Battery safety is a major driver behind research into next generation batteries and control electronics.

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