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Battery Packs For Oil & Gas Sector

At Custom Power we design and build a wide range of battery packs for use in the oil and gas industry.

Used for applications such as downhole monitoring and pipeline inspection (pigging), our custom built battery packs are engineered for use in high temperature, high shock and high vibration applications where performance is critical.

Battery packs for use in the oil and gas industry

Major oil and gas companies and OEM’s rely on Custom Power to recommend the right battery and portable power solution based on specific application and environmental requirements. Our lithium cells and battery packs are custom designed to deliver dependable power on demand, high reliability and peak performance in the harshest of environments.

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Case Study

Read our case study on designing batteries for GOWell to withstand the very high and very low temperatures of MWD, LWD and Wireline logging applications.

Downhole battery packs

The downhole environment is extraordinarily hostile to battery technology with extremes of temperature, shock and vibration way beyond that found in other harsh environments.

With oil and gas fields often found in some of the coldest regions of the planet, set-up temperatures at the surface can often be as low as minus 40°C. In stark contrast, operating temperatures at the bottom of a well can easily reach 180°C.

Battery packs have to be able to operate reliably and efficiently in such an environment, thereby posing unique challenges to battery pack design and build requirements.

We have a range of battery packs for use in the oil and gas industry that are UN approved for transportation, and highly suited for use with industry standard tools and gauges. Our experience comes from decades of battery pack production for oil and gas sector and as such we fully understand the highly demanding requirements of this industry.

Batteries for oil and gas

Pipeline inspection (Pigging) battery packs

Pipeline Inspection Gauges (PIGs) place demanding requirements on battery power sources as they help ensure the safe and secure transfer of valuable petroleum resources. Our range of lithium cells and battery packs are used to power many of the critical data collection functions of the inspection gauge as it travels over long distances through the pipeline.

Globally, major pigging service companies and OEM suppliers rely on us and our partnerships with world class cell manufacturers to ensure that accurate corrosion, weld and pipe integrity data is collected successfully.

High temperature battery packs

Battery packs used in the downhole oil & gas industry have to be able to withstand very high temperatures. This is an incredibly punishing environment where temperatures can often spike at 200°C.

Building a battery pack capable of reliable operation in such high temperatures is a considerable challenge, but decades of experience coupled with the very best cell technology enables us to build high temperature battery packs of very high quality and reliability.

It is for this reason that oil & gas companies around the world trust Custom Power battery packs to power their downhole systems, monitoring and continuously capturing critical data.

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