Downhole Battery Packs

Battery Packs For MWD, LWD & Pigging

Downhole battery packs for MWD, LWD and Pigging

Custom Power is a specialist provider of lithium downhole battery packs for MWD, LWD and Pigging applications. With many years of experience in producing battery packs for use in the oil and gas industry, Custom Power is well placed to provide battery packs that are perfectly suited to the harsh demands of downhole operation.

Designed and built to operate reliably under the extremes of temperature, shock and vibration experienced within the downhole environment, Custom Power downhole batteries provide power that is fully optimised for each specific application requirement. Our range of high temperature lithium battery packs are well suited to withstand temperatures of up to 200°C.

MWD & LWD batteries

Measurement while drilling (MWD) and logging while drilling (LWD) are critical applications. Custom Power lithium battery packs are trusted by leading oil and gas companies to power their MWD and LWD sensor equipment.

Measuring up to 4 meters in length, these battery packs can contain several hundred cells and are painstakingly assembled by hand using custom-made jigs to ensure that they meet the exact dimensions required. The result is a battery pack that precisely matches the customers requirements and performs optimally.

PIG batteries

With thousands of miles of pipeline in constant use, any issues need to be identified and addressed before they cause the shutdown of the pipeline and inevitable disruption to supply. Pipeline Inspection Gauges (PIGs) are designed to allow monitoring and certain maintenance operations to be performed without the need to stop the material flow through the pipeline.

PIGs present a challenge for battery pack manufacturers as the demands on the battery can be extreme. Custom Power has a thorough understanding of the demands of this equipment and has been assembling lithium battery packs for use in pigging operations for many years.

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