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Battery Packs For Autonomous & Robotic Systems Sector

Custom Power manufactures advanced battery packs for autonomous and robotic systems, enabling incredible advances in these rapidly developing sectors.

Reliable power for autonomous systems

Autonomous systems are becoming increasingly common in a wide range of sectors. From Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to cutting edge fulfilment robots and agribots, autonomous systems are enabling many tasks to be completed more quickly, safely and accurately. However, these machines need high energy power systems and place enormous demands on the battery packs that power them.

Many manufacturers of autonomous systems rely on Custom Power battery packs to provide the necessary power, such as the National Oceanography Centre’s Autosub Long Range (pictured), more affectionately known as Boaty McBoatface. Reliability is vital for such systems where failure can result in costly downtime, loss of data and even safety issues.

At Custom Power, huge experience coupled with outstanding design prowess and the latest manufacturing techniques result in battery packs that are maximally optimised for each application.

Often required to operate in environmental extremes where huge temperature variation, shock and vibration are the norm, Custom Power battery packs operate without compromise, enabling customers to concentrate on their core business with confidence, safe in the knowledge that reliable power will not be an issue.

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