Battery Products

Custom Lithium Battery Solutions

In addition to our custom manufactured battery packs we have an extensive range of more conventional battery products, mostly available with a fast turnaround time.

Drawing on technical knowledge and expertise developed over 3 decades, many of these ‘off the shelf’ products have been developed ‘in house’ and can easily be adapted to suit specific applications if required.

All Custom Power battery packs are assembled in the UK and USA using high quality components from leading suppliers. Our products utilise the latest battery technologies and manufacturing processes and provide exceptional reliability. Our batteries are powering applications all around the world and we are able to ship to most regions.

High Temperature Battery Packs

Designed for downhole and pipeline inspection applications our range of high temperature battery packs can withstand temperatures of up to 200°C.

Able to tolerate extreme shock and vibration these battery packs provide reliable power for critical applications in sectors such as the Oil and Gas industry. These battery packs are available on a fast turnaround to give you the power you need, when you need it.

Primary battery packs

Primary (Single Use) Battery Packs

With very high energy density and long storage life, our primary battery packs are designed to provide reliable power for a huge range of applications where failure is simply not an option.

Our primary battery packs are assembled in the UK using high quality cells from leading cell manufacturers.

Rechargeable battery pack

Secondary (Rechargeable) Battery Packs

Demand for rechargeable battery packs continues to grow year on year. With rapidly improving energy density secondary power packs are now often found powering applications where primary packs used to be required. Driven by the considerable cost savings when compared to single use batteries, rechargeable packs continue to gain in popularity.

We manufacture a substantial range of secondary power packs using a number of different chemistries, although Lithium-ion is by far the most dominant.

Next generation battery packs

Next Generation Battery Technology

We are constantly working to develop new and improved battery systems. Our recent research and development project to develop a pressure tolerant battery pack using next generation Lithium Sulfur cell technology is an example of our commitment to remain at the forefront of battery technology.

Our highly skilled engineers and assemblers, based at our battery development and manufacturing centre of excellence ensure that you will always get the best quality battery products, produced using the latest techniques and technologies.

If you have a requirement for a Custom Power battery system please contact us today to discuss in more detail.

Energy storage system

Portable Power & Energy Storage Systems

Our portable power and energy storage systems are designed to provide power on demand in some of the harshest operational environments.

Ranging from robust hand carry units to vehicle mounted systems, our portable power products are capable of reliable operation in some of the toughest situations.

With no moving parts, near silent running and requiring no addition fuel source for the duration of the charge, these are highly portable yet powerful energy systems.

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