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Flowmeter Batteries

The Custom Power Flowmeter Battery series for ABB AquaMaster 3 electromagnetic flowmeters are designed and developed in partnership with ABB and manufactured in the UK.

Flowmeter batteries use proven alkaline and high-capacity lithium battery technology to offer extended life batteries suitable for long-term deployments with a low total cost of ownership.

With options for standard, 5-year and 10-year design life, Custom Power flowmeter batteries increase the operational flexibility of AquaMaster systems.

Part ABB REF Design Life Type Datasheet
CB18274 WABC2033 Standard Alkaline Click here
CB18984 WABC2102 10 Years Lithium Click here
CB19357 WABC2101 5 Years Lithium Click here

Flowmeter Batteries: Features

Long Life – Advanced lithium battery technology extends operating life, offering battery options for 10-year and 5-year AquaMaster 3 flowmeter deployments.

Low Weight – Lightweight lithium batteries offer reduced pack weight compared to alkaline variants while providing greater life.

In partnership with ABB –  Custom Power Flowmeter Batteries are developed in partnership with ABB and are approved for ABB AquaMaster 3 Flowmeters.

UN 38.3 Tested – All Custom Power Flowmeter Batteries using lithium batteries are certified against UN38.3 requirements.

Flowmeter Battery Shipping

Custom Power Flowmeter Batteries using Lithium cells are Class 9 Dangerous Goods subject to shipping regulations. UN Numbers are indicated on individual datasheets.

Certification for the requirements of UN38.3 is held by Steatite. The standard alkaline Flowmeter Battery does not contain lithium cells and is classed as non-hazardous goods.

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