Rugged Engineering Solutions

Design. Develop. Test. Manufacture.

Steatite excels in rugged engineering solutions for harsh environments. This includes the hostile surroundings of tactical operations, extreme temperature differentiations of offshore energy operations, the 24/7 requirements of industrial settings, and more.

Our experts will custom-design a solution for your challenging application, conduct rigorous testing and manufacture products to meet the toughest industry standards.

Robust technology showcased – Steatite’s CRiB
The CRiB perfectly demonstrates our commitment to innovative, rugged and reliable custom engineering, leveraging the skills and extensive capabilities of all our Business Units. It is a mobile operations hub, providing a powerful multiscreen workstation platform for rapid deployment in the field.

Steatite Group combined capabilities
Beyond our extensive capabilities in designing and manufacturing bespoke batteries and power solutions, our wider skillset enables us to collaborate across various elements of engineering projects. Using the knowledge of the whole Steatite group we  are able to offer designing, prototyping, testing and volume production of customised rugged technology.

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