Custom Battery Pack Design

Designed. Developed. Built.

For over 30 years, our custom battery pack design service has been ensuring customers attain the best battery pack for their specific requirements.

Completed battery packs are often as unique as the applications in which they will be used, and so the journey to achieving a perfectly suited pack begins with meticulous design.

As battery pack specialists we understand how to design each pack to provide optimal results for our customers individual requirements.

We are the largest manufacturer of battery packs in the UK and our in-house engineers are among the most experienced battery pack designers available.

Using the latest Solid Works design software, meticulous attention to detail early in the custom battery build process ensures that the finished battery pack will provide optimal performance in every respect.

Our customers rely on our products to power critical applications where failure simply isn’t an option.


Our dedicated battery pack manufacturing facility is a world class centre of excellence, encompassing all aspects of battery pack design, test and manufacture.

We are entirely UK based, serving customers around the world, and operate to the very highest standards ensuring that our battery packs are of absolute quality.

If required, we are able to work with your staff to value engineer your existing battery products for improved performance and cost reduction.

A Steatite technician assembling cells into a custom battery packs
A test bench with a number of Steatite custom built battery packs


When necessary we use in-house configured test equipment both during manufacture and at end of line. By utilising cutting edge technology we can acheive efficient and accurate testing for both electrical and mechanical parameters.

In the case of specific custom built battery packs we have developed product specific test equipment that collects and validates test data as well as supplying the results to the end customer.

This is one of the many reasons why our customers repeatedly turn to Custom Power to fulfill their battery pack requirements.

If you have a requirement for a custom designed battery pack you should be talking to us. Please contact us today to discuss how we can help you to realise the perfect battery pack for your specific application.

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