Battery Packs For Oceanographic Sector

Custom Power has built a reputation for delivering highly reliable custom built battery packs for use in oceanographic applications.

Whether monitoring seismic activity on the ocean floor or protecting assets in the field, our range of rechargeable and non-rechargeable battery solutions are utilised in the most critical of situations when reliability and quality are paramount.

Battery packs for use in oceanographic applications

Every customers needs are unique. So we focus on designing battery packs as individual as our customers’ requirements; from oceanographic batteries through to batteries for solar applications, our electrical and design engineering capabilities ensures the right solution every time.

We understand the role of a technology partner, and our emphasis on working with world class cell manufacturers ensures we deliver reliable, safe and high performance battery packs.

Our focus is designing solutions as unique as your requirements. With expertise in mechanical, electrical and design engineering, Steatite ensures the right solution for your next mission critical device.


Next generation battery pack technology for Marine Autonomous Systems

Extensive research and development ensures that we stay at the forefront of battery technology innovation, enabling us to progress next generation battery packs to a point where they become reality. Such research provides huge benefits to our customers as we not only adopt and promote new technology, but actively advance it.

One such project resulted in the development of a pressure tolerant Lithium Sulfur (Li-S) battery pack capable of powering Marine Autonomous Systems (MAS) at depths of up to 6,000m. Take a look at the case study for an overview of the project.

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