Lithium Iron Phosphate Modules

We partner with Lithion Battery (formerly Valence Technology) to deliver electrification solutions for rail transportation, commercial EVs, autonomous systems, industrial OEM and oceanographic applications.

Our experienced engineers and expert manufacturing team can tailor Valence modules into high-power, ultra-reliable battery systems for challenging environments. Their IP rating, comprehensive testing and scalability make them a clear choice for a variety of applications from 12 to 1000 volts.



Rail Transportation

Combustion Engine Replacement

With the ever-increasing drive toward decarbonisation to achieve a zero-carbon footprint, the Module approach and the high degree of flexibility of the Lithion product offers unique possibilities with regards to transportation. These possibilities include the use of Lithion batteries in low or high-power configurations of a few Kilowatts, to approaching Megawatts. We’ve designed-in Valence packs for rail decarbonisation projects – an application which requires extremely high power, high cycle life and high reliability.


Subsea and Surface Vehicles

Valence modules offer an IP-ready modular option to achieve your power need. Performing in low-temperature environments with top-end cycle life and pre-programmable communications solutions, Custom Power can configure and offer a scalable solution across the marine industry including energy storage, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) and combustion engine replacement programmes for pleasure craft or working vessels.

Industrial OEM

Electrifying Industry

From autonomous farm machinery to industrial robotics, reliable and robust battery power is needed for an increasing number of energy-demanding mechanised solutions. Custom Power can consult on your existing power demands and provide a customised solution to meet your decarbonisation objectives.


Partnership Benefits

By working closely with the Lithion Battery team using their Valence modules, we can ensure we’re delivering the very best power solutions across these industries, and more.

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