As one of the UK’s largest businesses dedicated to custom battery pack assembly, Steatite is trusted by companies around the world to provide the power for critical applications where failure is simply not an option.

Battery pack assembly can be a highly complex process requiring high levels of skill on the part of the technician. Utilising the latest techniques, and with much attention paid to the robustness and safety of the final battery pack, the technician will carefully assemble each battery pack with great care and attention.

Each battery pack specifically designed and optimised to perform at its peak capability, based on the demands placed upon it by the final application. With this in mind, Steatite’s custom built battery packs are assembled to meet very specific criteria. For instance, the focus might be on the battery pack’s ability to withstand extremes of temperature, shock, vibration or pressure; or maybe the focus is provide very high levels of energy for a short period of time, or low power levels over an extended time frame. For this reason, each and every custom assembled battery pack will perform in a manner specific to its design requirements.

Of course, not all end user applications will demand this level of optimisation, and in such instances, it may be more suitable to use a commericial-off-the-shelf (COTS) battery pack that can either be customised to fulfill the criteria, or simply used as is. Steatite’s range of COTS battery packs have been designed in house to the same stringent criteria and attention to detail as that applied to all custom designed battery packs.

Using a COTS product can result in significant cost savings when compared to a fully custom manufactured battery pack. Because these items tend to be kept in stock, they can be supplied on a very quick turnaround basis.

Whether your application requires custom battery pack assembly or a more conventional COTS solution depends on a huge number of factors.

For advice and further information regarding our custom assembled battery packs or COTS power products, please contact us to discuss your requirements.