As a leading lithium-ion battery pack manufacturer, Steatite is relied on to provide highly reliable, premium quality battery packs to a diverse range of businesses, across numerous markets, to power critical applications. For many, lithium-ion is the most suitable choice of cell chemistry and we work closely with our customers to ensure that the final product is maximally optimised for their specific and often unique battery pack requirements.

Of course, as the UK’s largest custom battery pack manufacturer, our expertise extends well beyond lithium-ion battery packs. Different requirements, applications and environments necessitate alternative battery chemistry types, with each having a unique set of advantages depending on the end use. Whether lithium thionyl chloride, nickel metal hydride, lithium-ion or any of the other battery technologies, we work closely with our customers to ensure they get the right chemistry for their requirements.

Lithium-ion is currently the fastest growing cell technology and is often the first choice for many of our customers. To learn more about the key advantages and disadvantages of battery packs using these cells please click here.

Our Somerset located facility is a centre of excellence, dedicated purely to the design and manufacture of specialist battery packs. Our vast experience and meticulous attention to detail ensure that we can not only meet, but exceed our customers expectations, completely fulfilling their battery pack requirements.